Powerline Construction has always been rugged, demanding work, occuring in every season and stretching hundreds of kilometres across isolated landscapes. Its taken tough, self-reliant, hard working individuals with a penchant for planning and executing in isolation of nearby suppliers, resources and assistance to complete projects that have built our country’s infrastructure and its future. As electricity powers the world to new heights, it is our belief that these people are the foundation of good Power Companies, good Power work and good Power Projects and are the key to bringing quality power projects to the nation on time, on budget and in the safest of manners.

To foster and promote this belief, our people are industry leaders, having successfully completely some of the largest and most difficult projects throughout Canada, created construction methods that lead to safer and higher productive projects, and created systems that lead the industry in safety, quality and project controls. We are a group of individuals who understand that things are better when all aspects are done right: Safety focus leads to higher production, a better work place and a more enjoyable project; Quality builds client satisfaction, pride in the work and is financially responsible; Environmental Responsibility allows us all to ensure our future is conducive to work, and ensures the future of generations to come; Production is the driver that creates success when the work is delivered in a safe, high quality, environmentally conscious means. To truly deliver this, Honesty, Integrity, Comradery, Directness, Appreciation, Simplicity, Passion And Transparency are core values expected of everyone at Voltage Power.