Jody Rideout – President

Practically born into the industry, Jody has dozens of family members that are lineman and supervisors, Degrees in Electrical Engineering and Business Administration and nearly 20 years worked in the industry since his teens. Jody has extensive industry background having held positions at Valard Construction, Comstock Canada, ICM, Green’s, and Hi-Line. While Jody now holds the position of President in Voltage Power, he’s worked on the ground, in the air, as a project manager on many large and small projects and had key roles in leading and developing planning, safety, quality, project controls, and software systems.

Grant Petersen – Director of Operations

Having a combined 25 years of experience in both the utility and the private sectors, Grant has a unique perspective of the Power Industry. His background in Construction, focused mainly on Substations, combined with his Work Ethic, Project Management skill and Business background ensures projects are completely Safely, Efficiently and Effectively.

His experience Working in the Field, Managing Projects and Leading Personnel gives Grant the ability to recognize and adapt to the changes required to ensure all aspects of his projects are completed to the utmost satisfaction of everyone involved. His strong background in executing projects of all voltage levels, from site development through to commissioning, has built his reputation for giving clients confidence that his projects will be done right.

Lonnie Eirickson – Operations Manager

With over 28 years of Powerline experience, Lonnie has worked on Lines from 5kV to 750kV, operating equipment, performing duties as a lineman, overseeing hundreds of men as a supervisor and managing project construction throughout Canada. He is an expert in all aspects of Line Construction including clearing, access, foundations, assembly, framing, erection, slack stringing and tension stringing of most line configurations whether Distribution, Transmission, Wood or Steel. Along the way, Lonnie has developed a strong following of many First Nations Personnel and Personnel from across Canada.

Few people have the extensive industry experience across the broad spectrum of projects, logistical challenges, equipment, helicopter work, specialty work methods, regular work methods and planning challenges as Lonnie.

Joe Rideout – Lead Construction Manager

As a 43-year veteran of Powerline the Powerline Industry, Joe has worked throughout Canada on the most difficult and challenging projects in the industry. He has extensive knowledge in Work Methods, an ability to adapt and create work procedures to meet the challenges of remote, linear construction and a penchant for directing crews with unrivalled precision and competence.

As an authority on any work within the Powerline industry, Joe has impressed multiple clients with his ability to reduce work safety hazards and time, all while increasing efficiency. Whether Project Planning, or Managing Access, foundations, assembly Framing, Erection, Setting, Stringing or work in general, his experience and proficiency in all types of Wood, Steel and Composite projects is all but impossible to find in today’s industry.