Where the employees are our most important resource.

Core Values

  • Provide and maintain a healthy and safe environment by exercising accepted good industry practices and compliance with the legislation.
  • Employ quality, skilled employees and develop them to their maximum potential for the purpose of our business.
  • Communicate pertinent information to allow all employees to succeed in their job, understanding that effective communication is essential for the future of our business.
  • Our company will provide quality products and services in the most effective way and meet the needs of our customers. All employees will support continuous quality improvement.
  • All decisions and actions will be made with consideration for the entire organization. These decisions must consider that all activities are interrelated for optimization of all work.
  • Goals, targets and actions will be established annually. Review and measure the organizational quarterly.
  • We will operate in an environment of trust, respect, integrity and understanding.

“We acknowledge that all employee’s at Voltage Power have an inherent willingness to do the best job possible”