Voltage Power Ltd.’s foremost commitment is to ensure the safety, health and well being of all employees, subcontractors and people who visit our workplaces.

All employees are critical to the success of this enterprise and Voltage Power Ltd. recognizes and supports the right of every worker to work in a safe and healthy environment. The leadership of Voltage Power Ltd. are dedicated to a Safety, Health and Environment Program where all employees can focus on the tasks given with the confidence that they are in a safe and healthy work environment.

Complete and active participation in the program is necessary for the excellence that the company expects. Primary responsibilities:

  1. Management is responsible for leadership of the Safety Health and Environment Program and providing proper training, equipment, job procedures and ensuring all employees are encouraged to participate and have input into the Safety, Health and Environment Program.
  2. Supervision responsible to give the specific work assignments that are within the capabilities of the employees they are leading; ensuring the methods and procedures used on a jobsite or in our facilities comply with the requirements of the Safety, Health and Environment Program..
  3. Employees are responsible for cooperating with all aspects of the Safety, Health and Environment Program, and for following the directed methods, procedures, rules and regulations..
  4. Everyone is obligated to lead and follow a safety culture and the safety program.

Employees, supervisors and management will work together to participate in systematic reviews of incidents, procedures and methods to ensure continuous improvement in our Safety, Health and Environment Program. An incident free and environmentally responsible workplace is our goal.

The information in this program is intended to enhance applicable Federal and/or Provincial Workplace Safety, Health and Environmental Act(s) and/or Regulations, as they represent the minimum acceptable standard. Voltage Power Ltd. management, supervision and employees will not tolerate or participate in practices that do not meet our Safety, Health and Environment Program requirements.