At Voltage, we continually strive to improve upon our implemented processes, procedures and policies in response to a continually changing, and improving construction environment. We are dedicated to providing Quality construction services to our Clients, regardless of scope, location and complexity.

Ensuring a Quality product to our Clients is inherent in who Voltage is as a Company, and is included in our Mission Statement:

“We believe there is a way to do projects right and ultimately projects should lead everyone involved, workers, clients, contractors, partners, management, regulators, and the public to an improved circumstance, considerate of the current situation and the future. We can do this safely, with first class workmanship, and deliver a final product everyone can be proud of.”

The Backbone of Voltage’s Quality Program:

Transparency and Client Focus

By implementing a thorough and streamlined Quality Program, we can guarantee our Clients that all Projects are executed according to their specific requirements. We stand behind the work we do on each Project. We ensure our Quality Team reviews work for conformance and rectify nonconformances prior to handover to the Client.

Quality Planning, Documentation, and Turnover

Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) activities within our Quality Program are not considered stand-alone operations but are interconnected, Our Clients can be confident that their Quality Requirements will be met (QA) and fulfilled (QC). Detailed Quality documentation allows our crews to be confident in how to complete the work and reduces common pitfalls associated with the work. Detailed Project Turnover Packages, containing all Client deliverables, provide confidence that all Project requirements are achieved prior to demobilizing from site.

Detailed Project Turnover Packages containing all Client deliverables, provide confidence that all Project requirements are achieved prior to demobilizing from site.

Automation and Technologies

We continue to leverage the full potential of leading technologies and automations to streamline our Quality Program. As a result, our team can focus on proactive planning and issue resolution, versus paperwork and manual data collection. Through using industry leading technologies to track and manage our data, we collect and record Quality information with greater efficiency.

Continual Improvement

We are not afraid to push the boundaries to create a stronger Quality Program.

By learning from client requests, previous projects, and regular audits, we strive to incorporate lessons learned and new ideas into the Quality Program. This allows us to improve our Quality Program and ensures that it remains dynamic and above the status-quo.