Our People are used to the harshest environments, schedules and constraints in the industry.

We have the people that will deliver Overhead Lines, Underground Transmission, Distribution Projects, whether new projects, upgrades or maintenance.

Having been the key people delivering the most challenging projects across Canada, our people excel when delivering any project, and will offer the most sensible, practical and effective solution to any challenge.


Equipment is the backbone of good work, with a commitment to quality, maintained equipment, our equipment can be trusted to deliver the work with little breakdown and preform to the peak of its ability. With an extensive and well serviced equipment fleet, we ensure that we can meet all our customers' needs. All Equipment is professionally serviced in a dedicated shop facility that is home to the transport trailer and heavy-equipment servicing department, each employing a highly skilled team of mechanics working hard to prevent breakdowns and to efficiently solve any equipment problem.

To further decrease any delays to your project, field mechanics are always available to the site so that the job gets done. Voltage leverages a fully available aircraft and pilot to survey jobs sites, and transport staff, parts and materials to remote project locations.

We follow all industry developments closely and with Sigfusson Northern Ltd., you can be assured that your project will have the latest equipment and industry innovations (GPS) working for you.

With over Five Hundred pieces of available equipment, including 224 pieces of heavy equipment, plenty of the best gear is available to meet a projects demands and reduce equipment related delay.


  • Consultation
  • Clearing
  • Access
  • Material Management and Delivery
  • Installation of Cast in Place, Grillage Access Caisson
  • Pole Structure Assembly and Framing
  • Tower Assembly and Erection
  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Single and Bundle Conductor Stringing
  • Reconductoring
  • Quality Management
  • Safety Systems and Management
  • Scheduling and Planning Expertise
  • Engineering Guidance
  • Sub-Contractor Co-ordination in all aspects of Construction
  • ROW Rehabilitation
  • Inspections


  • Consultation
  • Clearing
  • Access
  • Material Management and Delivery
  • Structure Installation, Maintenance and Replacement
  • Structure and arm Changeouts
  • Existing Line Upgrades and Rehabilitation
  • Reconductoring
  • Cutouts Miscellaneous Installations
  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Substation Tie-ins
  • Inspections


  • Medium Voltage and High Voltage substations AIS as well as GIS, New Construction or Modifications to Existing Ranging from 4Kv-750Kv
  • Engineering Support
  • Apparatus, Material and Equipment Procurement Services - Site Development
  • Foundations, Civil and Oil Containment Construction
  • Equipment/Apparatus Installation
  • Modifications and Upgrades
  • Inspection Services
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency Restoration
  • Testing and Commissioning

Emergency Response

  • Outage Response for Overhead Transmission and Distribution Lines.
  • Safe, Fast Reliable Power Restoration.